Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Fish

Its been a few weeks since my last post. Great precedent for a new blog, right? Well I got married at the end of March and then went on my honeymoon for a couple weeks, so surprisingly enough, I had a couple other things to prioritize over fishing. For once. Side note: tried for the might Giant Trevally in Bali. Lots of work, no luck.

Anyway, I was surprised with a beautiful day yesterday and the Potomac is completely blown out, eliminating any possibility of shad, so I hit up the C&O Canal for a few hours. As usual, it was completely unpredictable fish. Lot of fish lounging around without the slightest interest in eating. There was also a nasty green algae film covering the bottom of the first couple hundred yards or more. I finally got into some fish, and what do you know? The colors they had been going crazy over last month hardly even got a second look. After switching back to the tried and true green, I started getting the action. I ended up nailing four in total, but lost what looked like the biggest one of the day after he made an immediate beeline into some brush and broke me off.

Fish selfies are hard enough. When you have your 55mm lens hooked up, it gets much harder. 
These fish just hang out and have absolutely no interest in eating anything.

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