Friday, October 2, 2015

Joaquin Effects

The effects of Hurricane Joaquin will be impacting our fishing for a few days at least, but it's hard to say how long with how frequently it seems to be changing directions. Few of the models still have it making landfall over the mid-Atlantic, or even anywhere in the mainland. Regardless, all the streams should be blown out for the next week at least, I would guess based on the rain we've already received. Besides the rivers just being too muddy, it would be downright dangerous to wade into any streams or rivers. The non-tidal section has predictions at the Little Falls Pump Station of the river still rising by Monday approaching flood stage. The Tidal Potomac at Georgetown is expected to approach flood stage with the next two high tides, and is expected to flood with continuing intensity at high tides through at least Monday. The predictions don't go beyond Monday yet, but I'll be keeping my eye on them. While no one wants the property damaged associated with floods, when the Tidal Basin floods, it creates some fantastic grass flats where the carp are known to come up and feed. We often see that with spring floods, but we may may not see that in the fall. Depending on how badly things flood, the river could mix with the C&O Canal, which could either let fish escape, or hopefully, bring some big fish in that get caught up in the canal. I'm thinking we won't hit those levels though.

Looking ahead at the forecasts, Saturday is definitely a wash (pun intended) for fishing of any sort, but maybe there will be a break Sunday if you have some still water you can hit. Next week should be nice, so lots of opportunities to stick with the still water or even the Canal. Hopefully the following weekend will give the waters enough time to get in some fall fishing.

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