Friday, March 20, 2015

Chasing carp on the fly through our Nation's Capital.

A couple years ago, I started getting bored with my usual fishing routines in Washington, DC. After a conversation with the fishing manager at Orvis, he suggested I try my luck at carp. A couple years later, I look back realizing the insane amount of time I've dedicated to going after these fish around the District. As I've shared my experiences with my friends and local fly fishing club, I've realized how great of an interest there is in targeting these fish yet how little information is available. My mission here is to share my experiences fly fishing for carp around Washington DC and hopefully help a few people get into these fish along the way, too! While you're waiting for new content, feel free to check out my other wesbite,, to help you find a fishing guide as you navigate your way around our country's lakes, streams, and oceans.

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