Saturday, March 21, 2015

Early Season Skunk

I went out to the C&O Canal today between locks 7 and 8. This was some skunky early season fishing. We're just barely past ice-out from this winter's brutal cold, and the water temps aren't much above 40 degrees. If you've been to the canal before, you know the water is never clear, but today we were met with some extra muddy water. Visibility in most places was less than 2 feet which makes for some difficult spotting of fish. Forget about seeing the fish take your fly. I got a good look from the first carp we saw, but couldn't get the hook to stick. The fish were far less spooky than usual today, likely because of the muddy water. Most of the carp were still in "holding" mode where they're just relaxing with absolutely no intent to eat. Even still, we managed to find a few eaters, but struggled getting their attention. A few follows was about it. Nick managed to get an eat at the very end of the day, but couldn't come tight. At least it was a nice day.

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