Thursday, July 16, 2015

Still seeing abnormal conditions

The canal is still a bit off as of last weekend. Lock 7-8 is still high enough to be using the overflow, and Lock 6-7 is still dirty, but not as bad as last time. The water level there also seems to have dropped by 6 inches to a foot, so a lot of fish holding places were just a hair too shallow. I found a pod of about 15 carp sitting under the overflow discharge at Lock 7, and for fun, threw a fly at them. I got one to eat and landed him, but didn't bother trying for another because the landing process was a disaster. I had to high stick the fly line over a tree that was taller than me holding up the fly line, then I had to fight with the insanely tall bank. If I hadn't just recently bought a net with a retractable 48" handle, I never would have landed him. I got one more on a different section of the lock, with the net again saving me. For the most part, there weren't a ton of feeding fish today. The vast majority of fish I saw were simply relaxing under trees. Everyone once in a very great while, you'll get one of them to eat, but most of the time when you see one hanging out, it's a waste of time to throw at it.

I got a couple great pictures, but I forgot to download them off my camera and won't have access again for a few days. I'll update with those.

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