Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Makeshift Strike Indicators

When I found myself with all my strike indicators sitting at home in a situation that required one for success, I thought about how I could improvise. Thinking about the times I accidentally catch a leaf, I remembered how well it floated, but how it made casting hard. I came up with a great way of saving the day of fishing with my makeshift strike indicator. I plucked a blade of grass and tied the grass itself to my leader using an overhand knot. The grass will slide down the leader, so you'll need to have a surgeon's knot (or whatever your favorite knot it) connecting your tippet to give the grass a stopper. Tie your tippet the right length, leave the tag end of your surgeon's knot just a little longer than normal, and you've got a makeshift strike indicator! It's not the most durable, and it won't float back to the surface if you sink it, but grass is nearly unlimited in supply, it won't splash at all, and doesn't impede your casting. In a pinch, it can save the day!

A blade of grass can serve as a makeshift strike indicator in a pinch!

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