Monday, June 29, 2015

A day of frustration

I found myself with a few hours after work on Friday to hit the C&O canal.What a day. I have never had more shots and more fish eat or attempt to eat in such a short period of time. Unfortunately, it was almost all frustration. In the few hours I was out there, I had well over 30 fish come at my fly. I landed one. I had three fish break me off, and I pulled the fly out of the mouth of three more fish's mouths on the hook set. The rest of the fish just annoyed me. They were spooking like crazy just as they were about to eat. I even tried my normal trick of dealing with spooky fish by changing up colors, but it didn't help. Maybe it was something to do with the kids that were running through and lobbing bobbers and heavily weighted worms at every fish they saw. I also ended up with a tiny warmouth that stole my fly from the face of a carp. I've caught plenty of varieties of sunfish in the canal before, but this is the first warmouth.

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