Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Friday Afternoon Carp

I got a couple hours to hit the C&O Canal late on Friday. Conditions were so different than normal. My favorite stretch, between Lock 7 and 8, had water about 2 feet higher than normal. Most of the water became too deep to actually sight feeding fish. I only got one legitimate shot at a carp in that whole stretch. I kept walking towards Lock 6 in search of more fish. Water levels there were slightly low. I usually don't have many shots in this section, but for whatever reason, they were all over the place. I ended up pulling in three. No one walked by while I had any of the fish in the net, so I only got some basic in-the-net pictures. Unfortunately, I missed one mammoth, probably pushing 20 pounds. He was just hanging, so may not have eaten anyway, but I dropped the fly right on his nose and he wasn't a fan.

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