Monday, August 17, 2015

95 Degree Pay Dirt

I hit the section of the C&O Canal between Fletcher's Cove and Georgetown this weekend with my friend Nick from TwoFisted Heart Productions. We had some success, but we had a lot more mistakes. I landed a nice 8 lb carp and Nick one just shy of 6 lbs. We lost a heck of a lot more between broken tippet and missed hooksets. The carp activity was great until about 11 AM, then it became almost impossible to find anything until about 1 PM when the fish started showing up in the shadows again. Our best guess is with the super hot temps and bright sun, the fish went deep when the sun got straight overhead. It was hard work trekking a total of about 12 miles along the canal in 95+ degree weather, but at least we hit our pay dirt.

All pictures are courtesy of Nick!

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