Monday, August 24, 2015

BFC - Big Fletcher's Carp

I got out for a couple hours on Friday afternoon after work. Given my limited time, I decided to simply hit the Canal by Fletcher's Cove. I found one carp right off the bat and got him to the net, ringing in around around 5 lbs. Moving on down the canal, I saw a big silt plume and found a big fish to match. A couple casts in, I get it to eat, but it only stings the lip of the fish. I figured game over for that guy. Surprisingly, it kept eating. This fish would poke at the bank, move along 10 feet, and eat again. I chased this fish for nearly a quarter mile making casts and getting ignored. Finally, I decided there was no way he'd eat the fly he already tried (I should have realized this from the beginning) and switched to a different color. The first cast with a pink bug and he inhaled it. I fought the fish for about 25 minutes before an onlooker gave me the assist with netting the fish. Surprisingly, this fish never took me into my backing, but it would not let me gain an inch. Every time I got it 20 feet out, it would take back 30 feet of line. It rang in at 14 lbs. I need to stop using 3X tippet in this section of the canal.

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